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A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap and prosthetic object which is cemented on your damaged tooth. The main reason why you get a dental crown is to improve your dental health, structural strength and enhance the appearance of your damaged or decayed tooth. Crowns are meant to provide cosmetic enhancement. They have a natural resemblance of your teeth and once fixed, only your doctor can remove them.

Why would you need a dental crown? 

  • To protect your week tooth as a result of decay from breaking. 
  • To restore your broken tooth or severely worn out a tooth. 
  • To support and cover your tooth with fillings when not much of your tooth is left. 
  • To cover your misshaped and discolored teeth 
  • For cosmetic modification. 

Types of dental crown

There are various kinds of dental crowns developed by using various materials and techniques. Your dentist can recommend a suitable crown depending on your oral health, aesthetic objective, and your budget. They include the following.

Porcelain Crowns

Crowns developed from porcelain or ceramic are used to restore front teeth due to they are superior aesthetic. The materials are usually translucent as natural enamel and dentist can precisely shade them. However, ceramic crowns are not as strong and durable as metal crowns. They also the most expensive crowns.

types of dental crownMetal Crowns

Metal crowns are made from gold and other metal alloys. They are ideal for molars. Metal crowns are highly resistant to wear and tear and they last longer than any other kind of crown. Their main drawback is the appearance. Metal is easily visible against the enamel, and that’s why they placed at the back of your mouth.

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crown

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns have the best features among all dental crowns. The porcelain present in PFMs is blended with the surrounding teeth and matches naturally. On the other side, the metal in PFMs provides strong and durable support on the crown.

Crowns are great in enhancing your dental aesthetic and support. If well taken care of, a dental crown can last for up 20 years. To ensure the crown last longer, maintain regular dental hygiene and ensure you a visit your dentist regularly for a checkup.

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