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Did you know that your mouth was more than just teeth, tongue, and gums? The mouth, or what experts refer to as the oral cavity may be a sign of infection, is a complicated part of our bodies, and one of the most important ones too. The mouth hosts a whole tiny environment, an ecosystem of organs and cells that do their best to keep you healthy.

Not only is the oral cavity the first gateway (basically a door) to your body, it also works as the first defense line in your immune system. The different structures in your mouth play an essential part in keeping you physically active and healthy. Oral health is significant to maintain, sadly, not a lot of people do it correctly. So, if you want to take better care of your oral and general health, you’d first need to learn about what’s in your mouth!


If you swirl your tongue around your mouth, you’ll find out that the inside of it (apart from the teeth) is covered of the same type of tissue. This is what we call the gingiva, or oral mucosa. Much like our outer skin, the gingiva works as a barrier and protects the inside of our mouths.

lymp nodesLymphatic vessels

Believe it or not, lymph nodes exist inside your mouth. Their role is to protect your body, as they are intimately involved with your immune system. The ones in your mouth drain to larger ones within you. This means that anything that affects your oral lymph nodes will have a more significant effect on your body.


Located at the back of the throat, tonsils are immune tissues that work as the first barrier against bacteria and viruses. These lymph nodes help keep you healthy and prevent infections.

Salivary glands

Finally, your salivary glands are what produces saliva inside your mouth. They work as a defense against infection and disease.


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