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Chin augmentation (Genioplasty/augmentation mentoplasty) is a medical surgery to either enhance or reshape size of the chin. This may be done by reshaping or moving bones or inserting an implant.

General Description

Note that, surgery may happen either at the hospital, in an outpatient clinic or in the office of the surgeon. Here,x-rays will have to be taken of your chin and face. Later on, the surgeon will utilize the x-rays to identify the part of the chin and face to work on.

When you require an implant to round out your chin:    

  • chin augmentationThe medical professional may use fat tissue or real bone, newer biological inserts or silicone implant, Dacron or Teflon
  • The implant is usually connected to the one with screws or stitches
  • Sutures are normally used to ensure surgical cut is closed. When the cut is done inside your mouth, the scar is rarely seen.
  • A cut is normally done either outside under the chin or inside the mouth. A pocket is normally created under the muscles and in front of your chin bone. The implant is thereafter placed inside the pocket.
  • An implant is at times done when you are either asleep and pain-free (under general anesthesia) or sometimes treatment is done to numb the area.
  • Augmentation is usually done to ensure there is balance in the appearance of your face by making the chin bigger or longer compared to the nose.


Common risks of this procedure include:

  • Swelling 
  • Bruising  
  • Movement of the implant  
  • Loss of feeling  
  • Teeth damaging

Other rare risks include:  

  • Infection  
  • Blood clot  
  • Numbness  
  • Pain that never ceases 

After the chin plastic surgery procedure, you may feel soreness and discomfort. At times you may experience numbness in your chin for about three months. You may also face stretching sensation on your chin for a period of one week. It is advisable to stick to a soft diet or liquid for a minimum of two days. Always seek medical advice after this process.

Remember, smoking can easily delay healing of your chin.

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