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It may seem extreme to any person who undergoes surgery to straighten teeth. But then, there are benefits if you consider including surgery as part of your orthodontic treatment. Typically, you can never escape from wearing braces at any time totally, but with the operation, an individual can wear them for a short period. This surgery usually works best to those with an underbite, overbite or misalignment of the jaw. For those with a couple of crooked teeth, with teeth straightening options this treatment isn’t essential to achieve the results you might be for long looking for.

What teeth straightening surgery involves

The treatment needs only local anesthesia, and it involves merely repositioning the bones and gums that hold the teeth in place. It is a minor surgery, but then it means some slight risk of developing some complications that include bleeding, pains, swelling and infections.

oral maxillofacial surgeonWho needs this surgery?

It is suitable for situations where braces have failed to bring out required results. For example, those with cleft palate and jaw discrepancies need this treatment and should be performed under general anesthesia by a licensed oral maxillofacial surgeon.

As per studies carried out, people who are affected with conditions such as chronic jaw pain, unable to breathe through the mouth, experiencing jaw joint pains and the inability of the lips to close together without dynamic stretching, receding lower chin and jaw and protruding upper or lower jaw will require an orthognathic surgery.

Risks associated with this surgery

The whole procedure usually takes one to three hours to be completed, and it involves standard anesthesia that does carry the downsides to any other invasive treatment. For those who have opted for this treatment, they are usually vulnerable to pains, bleeding, adverse effects of anesthesia, swelling, and infection. This treatment can also damage the bones and gums located in the affected areas. Though, cases of these are minimal when it is carried out by an expert.

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