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Tooth decay is one of the most common dental problems that creeps over us every day. Rotten teeth don’t look pretty at all but yet, we still keep eating sugary sweets and foods that build up plaque on them. When too much plaque is on our teeth, the acid that is produced is the thing that causes tooth decay. This particular problem mostly occurs in children because they indulge in sugary treats more often than adults. As a result, we see more and more kids with blackish teeth.

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rotten teethThe most common symptoms

· Tooth sensitivity when eating cold or hot food, even sugary sweets

· Toothache – can be a sharp pain or it can be for a prolonged period of time

· Black or gray spots on your teeth

· An unpleasant taste in your mouth that doesn’t go away

· Bad breath

If you or your kid is experiencing any of these problems you might have a rotten tooth and you need to get an X-ray, as fast as possible. The way to handle this problem is to brush your teeth regularly and visit your dentist at least once every two years, once a year if you are under 18. If by any chance, you have a rotten tooth, there are several things that can be done. Firstly, if it is still in the early stage, a simple fluoride gel will help and you will need to watch your sugar intake. Secondly, you might have to get a filling or a crown. This is a process which numbs the tooth, removes the decay and fills the spot. The final thing that can happen is for your tooth to get removed and replaced if it is badly damaged. To avoid these problems you just need to brush, floss and see your dentist more often.

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