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When is the last time you had a session with your dentist? If you can’t remember, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. However, you need to do something about it. Underestimating the importance of regular dental checkups is detrimental to your dental health. Do not wait until you have an issue for you to visit Emergency Dentist Perth Dr clinic. You should book an appointment now.

Here are the reasons why you need to book an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible.   

Detect problems before they worsen  

The biggest culprit as far as tooth loss is concerned is gum disease. Nearly 50 percent of people aged 30 and above suffer periodontal disease which is caused by infections and inflammation of the gums, as well as the bone supporting and surrounding your teeth. The statistics go higher as you age. Regular dental check-ups will significantly help to cure gum disease, and in turn, save your teeth.

After your doctor has finished cleaning your teeth, he or she will examine them and check for possible cavities and other problems. Issues such as tooth decay are easy to manage if discovered in their formative phase. Some people get to their dentists when they have extensive tooth decay capable of causing severe bacterial infection. Do not wait for this to happen. Make a dentist appointment at your earliest convenience.

Ensure overall body health  

Do not be mistaken; your dental health doesn’t stay in isolation. The state of your oral health determines your overall health to a non-negligible extent. Poor oral hygiene leads to health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, endocarditis, and osteoporosis. Pregnant women with gum disease face the risk of having babies with extremely low weight, with some of them giving birth prematurely.

make a dentist appointmentBrighten your smile  

Do you know that some of the things you eat or drink leave stains on your teeth? If you regularly drink coffee, tea, cola, wine, fruit juices, Beetroots, soy sauce and wine – which most people do – you should have your teeth cleaned by the dentist regularly. Cigarette smokers should faithfully observe their dentist appointments to get rid of stains caused by tobacco.

Other reasons why you need to make a dentist appointment regularly include;

  1. To undergo X-rays (at the request of the dentist) to detect problems such as impacted wisdom tooth or the need for a root canal.
  2. Your dentist will always look out for possible signs of oral cancer.
  3. Helps to prevent or cure halitosis (bad breath).
  4. If you have sleep apnea, a dentist will come in handy.
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