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There are many things that can cause teeth stain. Acidic juice, coffee, health conditions etc can make the teeth lose its white color. Also, as we age, the teeth tend to lose its white color. The good news for those asking how to prevent teeth stain is that there are simple things they can do to make this possible.

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You do not really have to visit a dentist to get sparkling white teeth. There are habits you can imbibe into your daily life to prevent stain on your teeth. We discuss them below:

  1. teeth stainBrush after each meal

It is recommended that we brush in a circular motion. Also, cleaning the teeth after food will limit the instance of stain on the teeth.

  1. Rinse regularly

After eating, rinse the mouth with water. This will get rid of food debris and other contaminant that can stain the teeth.

  1. Chose Your Mouthwash Carefully

Most mouthwash is effective for rinsing purpose. However, the best mouthwash should have antibacterial properties. This will help get rid of stains that might plague your teeth

  1. Chose only Whitening toothpaste

It is dangerous to focus on common whitening products that can be gotten over the counter. Most of them contain abrasive that is dangerous for the teeth enamel. Thus, good toothpaste should have enamel. It gives a brightening effect after brushing.

  1. Sip Through a Straw

If you are asking for how to prevent teeth stain, you should consider drinking beverages with a straw. Coffee, cola, tea etc has the capacity to stain the teeth.

  1. Be Gentle While Scrubbing

Have in mind that not only abrasive product can damage the enamel. Over aggressive brushing can also do the opposite of what it is intended for. It could expose the deeper dentin which could make the teeth lose its white color.

Making the above a habit can guide you into preventing teeth stain. Making the tips above a part of you will help preserve the sparkling white color of your teeth.

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