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When to Make an Emergency Dental Visit

When to Make an Emergency Dental Visit

There are different scenarios as to when an emergency dental visit is needed. If you consult a dentist from Good Choice Burwood or other well-trained dental professionals, you’ll realize that it’s quite different to distinguish whether a scenario is considered an emergency or not. Here are some scenarios:

  • Tumbling from a bike and knocking out your incisors
  • Your baby’s primary tooth hanging by a thread and you’re hesitate to finally take it out
  • Dental crown falling out and you’re the bride’s father and the wedding is just two days away
  • It’s midnight and suddenly, the tooth which had undergone root canal treatment is bleeding. You’re experiencing pain and your mouth suddenly got swollen.

These are just some scenarios that are quite hard to tell whether an emergency dental visit is needed. That’s because the impression of the individual might be different from the dentist’s. To an individual, a bad breath may be an emergency. But a dentist may only see it as a simple problem. To clear you out from the confusion, here are some scenarios which are truly considered as emergencies.

Knocked Out Teeth

It is always an emergency once a permanent tooth just got separated from the socket. It has to be replaced right away. The main priority is the prevention of the tooth from drying out. Never touch the tooth’s root surface. Just hold its crown, rinse if it’s dirty but don’t remove any cells or tissue.

If it’s impossible to put the tooth back in the socket, just place it in the cheek where the gums and teeth can hold it. However if accidentally swallowing the tooth is a concern, just place the tooth in a glass filled with milk while going to the dentist.

Swelling and Bleeding

Swelling is also considered an emergency. Any kind of swelling that’s accompanied with pain gives a high possibility of abscess, a mouth infection due to an underlying cause. Therefore, it’s important to treat the infection as soon as possible.

emergency dental visitSwelling with no pain felt can be different, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not an emergency. Therefore, you still need to have it checked by the dentist right away. It could be connected to another health-related issue such as cancer or a swollen salivary gland. Painless swelling doesn’t mean there’s no problem at all.

Gum bleeding or any bleeding coming from the mouth is also an emergency. Especially if you’re taking anti-coagulants, bleeding can indicate liver problems, infection, inflammation or trauma.

Emergency Dental Care

When there’s an emergency, your dentist will do everything to work with you. However, it’s best to have other options.

Emergency Number

If you need to call your dentist but it is past working hours already, the voice recording should include an emergency number. Call that number and follow the instructions given.

The Nearest ER

When it’s a serious oral problem and it took place in the middle of the night, perhaps the nearest emergency clinic may be the only option that you have.

Invisalign vs Braces Which Is Faster?

Invisalign vs Braces Which Is Faster?

Knowing how an orthodontic treatment can help align your teeth properly can trigger several questions. For example, you get to wonder your treatment options. Which option is affordable and which one can give you the best result? How effective are the treatment methods? What’s the difference between invisalign vs braces which is faster? You can read details at www.lvdental.com.au/invisalign-vs-braces-choose-the-most-suitable-treatment or you can read further.

This article talks about the pros and cons of invisalign and metallic braces.

Basic Info

Both invisalign and traditional braces function to straighten misaligned teeth and at the same time, improving the wearer’s oral health as well as the smile. Traditional braces have existed longer and its effectiveness has also been proven.

On the other hand, invisalign has only existed for 15 years. But due to its function and convenience, its popularity continues to rise.

As we all know, traditional braces are those composed of metal brackets attached to the teeth. They are tied together with rubber bands and wires. Nowadays, the evolution of orthodontics has enabled the brackets to match the same color as the wearer’s teeth enamel. You can also prefer other colors if you’re into having a great fashion statement which includes the appearance of your mouth.

Invisalign is named as such because of its function to be invisible. The clear trays are composed of smooth plastic that’s worn on the teeth.

The Comparisons

invisalign vs braces which is fasterOf course, braces are non-detachable. To emphasize, braces prioritize more on function and less on style. Fortunately, the bands these days can have various colors which make it more fun to wear metallic braces. The downside though is that the wires and brackets can be a bit of a challenging in terms of maintaining oral hygiene.

We all know how important dental hygiene is. That’s why it’s quite difficult to maintain it while there are metallic braces attached to it. These braces should also be adjusted frequently. Therefore, the wearer will need to visit the orthodontist’s clinic every four to six weeks. Also, expect a little soreness and discomfort every time the braces are adjusted.

Invisalign has the same function with traditional braces but works in a different and more fun way. One of its main benefits is that it is invisible, or barely noticeable. Another great feature is that it is removable especially if you want to eat or brush your teeth. With these features, it’s clear that invisalign is more comfortable to wear than traditional metal braces.

Unlike traditional braces, wearing invisalign is less invasive, so it’s quite difficult to say regarding the duration that these invisible braces will be worn. Though by average, it’s six to eighteen months, it still varies on a case-to-case basis.

Another case that can indicate the treatment duration of invisalign is how the wearer is disciplined enough to stick to the guidelines. Usually, invisible braces should be worn 20 to 22 hours per day. Wearing it less than the recommended number of hours can extend the treatment duration. Skipping appointment may also prolong the process.

How to Get Rid of Buck Teeth

How to Get Rid of Buck Teeth

Buck teeth is a famous term for malocclusion or overbite that’s defined as teeth misalignment. Depending on its severity, this condition can be ignore or would require attention from the dentist. If you want to know more about buck teeth, you can search in www.dosnorwestdental.com.au or you can read further on this article to know how to get rid of buck teeth.

A lot of individuals with buck teeth simply ignore it and can still live a normal life. For example, the late Freddie Mercury has severe overbite but he just embraced it. But there are those who chose to fix it for cosmetic purposes.

Aside from aesthetic reasons, there are many who do need to address the condition to avoid any serious complications. Such complications include injury to other teeth and gums, and accidental biting of the tongue. In treating this condition, your dentist should measure its severity, know the cause and symptoms.


Genetics is one of the causes of buck teeth. Your grandparent may have that condition and you inherited it, and who knows, your granddaughter may get the same trait as well, hopefully not. Aside from genetics, frequent use of pacifier and thumb sucking can also lead to buck teeth.


Tongue-thrusting is when the tongue is pressed too forward in the mouth. Aside from resulting to open bite or malocclusion, an overbite is also possible. While this is common in children, there are also cases among adults.

how to get rid of buck teeth


How to get rid of buck teeth depends on the severity of the condition. There are individuals who have buck teeth but they are not doing anything about it. They just accept it and move on. But if it’s making you uncomfortable or you’re experiencing other complications, seeing a dentist or orthodontist is highly recommended.

The treatment of buck teeth is not always the same, nor there is a standard way of treating it. Your dentist can you tell about the treatment plan.


Retainers and braces are the most common treatment methods for buck teeth. The metal wires and brackets attached to the teeth and being adjusted from time to time will slowly move the teeth in its proper position.

Palate Expansion

Palate expansion is more suitable for growing teens and children wherein the upper jaw doesn’t have enough rooms to accommodate growing adult teeth.

Palate expansion has a palatal expander which is attached to the upper part of the molars. With the use of the expansion screw, the two pieces on the expander are being moved apart. This results to widening of the palate.


Invisalign is a famous invisible brace used by many to correct teeth misalignment without letting others notice that you’re wearing a brace. Though it costs higher than those conventional braces, Invisalign is more convenient to wear, considering the fact that it can be removed.

Jaw Surgery

For severe cases, jaw surgery may be required especially to kids who are preventing further growth. With jaw surgery the relationship between the lower and upper jaw will be corrected.

Resorting to home treatment to fix buck teeth is strongly discouraged. Be informed that only a dentist or an orthodontist can fix this condition.

Types of Specialist Doctors in Dentistry

Types of Specialist Doctors in Dentistry

We usually think of a dentist who simply fixes any problems on your teeth. But did you know that the field of Dentistry is way deeper than what we expected? For example, a dental surgeon from Campbelltown does more than just fixing dental caries or extracting the patient’s tooth. This article will give you different types of specialist doctors in Dentistry.

General Dentist

Commonly referred to as family dentist, this oral health provider does the basic dental procedures which prioritize on preventive oral care. Such procedures include oral cleaning, oral x-ray and providing health teachings on how to properly maintain healthy oral cavity.

A general dentist can also perform restorative oral procedures such as tooth filling on dental caries, repair of cracked teeth and some also perform teeth whitening. While it’s usually the general dentist whom a patient sees during the first visit, this oral health provider is also the professional who provides referrals to dental specialists.

types of specialist doctorsOrthodontist

Among all types of specialist doctors in Dentistry, perhaps it’s the orthodontist considered the most popular since a lot of aesthetic-purpose procedures are performed by this professional. The scope of orthodontists goes beyond installing braces. They are also responsible for correcting jaw bone problems, misaligned teeth and other cases related to giving support to facial structures for functional and cosmetic purposes.

Before installing braces, orthodontists must first assess and plan how to improve the patient’s bite. Afterward, they need to design customized oral hardware devices like metallic braces, mouth guards, retainers and Invisalign.


There’s only word to remember when talking about periodontists – gums. The role of the periodontist is to prevent any problems related to the patient’s gums. Any gum treatment is most of the time implemented by this dental health professional. Since this field is quite broad, periodontists often advise general dentist to provide prevention and treatment methods that are strongly connected to the patients’ lifestyle.


This oral health provider’s main responsibility is to treat missing, decayed or damaged teeth. Treatment involves on designing oral prostheses that would appear as false teeth but make sure it would look natural.

Prosthodontists work both on cosmetic and functional purposes. They work closely with dental lab technicians who actually create the prostheses designed by the prosthodontist.


Deep beneath the enamel and the dentin is a sensitive part of the tooth, known as the pulp. It is a soft tissue and the main part focused by the endodontist. Repairing a damaged pulp varies on its severity. If the damage is reversible, the tooth will be kept alive. Otherwise, the endodontist will perform a procedure known as root canal therapy, the most common procedure done by this dental professional.

There are other types of specialist doctors also recognized in the field dentistry. There is a specialist in oral radiology, oral pathology and there’s also a dentist who focuses on pediatric dentistry.

As always, always seek a general dentist first prior to visiting a specialist. It’s usually the family dentist who gives the first diagnoses and provides a referral to a specialist along with documents and findings on the patient’s oral cavity.

Realities Of Trendy Hismile Teeth Whitening Kit

Realities Of Trendy Hismile Teeth Whitening Kit

Teeth whiteners are certainly one of the most popular ways for a person to achieve a whiter, pearly teeth smile. Most celebrities advertise the Hismile Teeth Whitening kit as a better way of achieving that perfect smile after a few sessions. Ever since dental advancement brought LEDs into the dental care world, people easily got the word. For people who are afraid of whitening products that contain controversial ingredients, this alternative is big news. With different dental challenges, more dental research and discoveries are in store. Simply put, people are able to get their teeth whitened due to highly advanced dental technologies.

What is Hismile Teeth Whitening?

HiSmile Teeth Whitening kit proposes a better alternative for the usual teeth whitening strips, gels, and dental services. As a patient who wants to do their teeth whitening at home, they may certainly see the benefits. The kit contains the following items: Syringes for the gel, Teeth Whitening Gel, LED lights attached to the mouthguards, Instruction guide, and teeth whitening shades guide. Unlike other teeth whitening products, this kit has a teeth whitening gel that does not contain hydrogen peroxide or fluoride. Hismile teeth whitening aims to provide better solutions by developing more products fit for the market.

What Should I Know Before Using This Dental Product?

A lot of positive reviews were given when the Hismile teeth whitening kit was released. A lot of people claim that the product works as perfectly as it should. Gentler bleaching results are also achievable in this type of teeth whitening. For people with sensitive teeth, this product also helps in reducing discomfort while brushing. In addition, there is also key information in protecting the soft tissues found in the mouth. Conversely, most dental products are strong in concentration that damage these tissues in the gums. Some dental practitioners also mention the problem of decreasing or straightening tooth enamel in this product. It is still important to consult your dentist before getting any kind of dental products.

Alternatives In Teeth Whitening

Hismile Teeth Whitening Kit Alternative In Dental CareAside from the Hismile Teeth Whitening Kit, there are also more alternative teeth whitening treatments that gain popularity nowadays. Activated charcoal toothpaste, toothbrush, teeth whitening natural ingredients such as coconut oil are now famous for their promising effects. It is important for every person to still maintain their teeth by doing their oral hygiene. Brushing at least twice a day, flossing, and mouthwash will help achieve better results of teeth whitening. One should not rely on these whitening products alone. Your dental health is often checked by dental professionals that can say what’s happening inside your teeth. There are underlying health problems that teeth whitening cannot solve. Schedule an appointment as soon as you feel unusual pain or bleeding in your mouth or gums.

What My Dentist Says About Teeth Whitening

Just like any other dental care products, dentists remind patients about the usefulness of these. Hismile teeth whitening may pose some health risks for those people that overdo the procedure. Some patients may think that it’s okay to keep the mouthguard for more than the instructed procedure. Additionally, people may also put more gel than what is needed to get those sure results. It is important to remember that the Hismile teeth gel contains Sodium Chlorite and Sodium Bicarbonate. The product has chemical elements that are dangerous in both adults and kids when accidentally swallowed. Lastly, our teeth’s color still depends if it’s stained or ingrained. Natural teeth color affects your mouth’s pearly white teeth.

Check out this post from Dental 266 about the best teeth whitening products and their pros and cons if you’re interested in purchasing one.