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There are different scenarios as to when an emergency dental visit is needed. If you consult a dentist from Good Choice Burwood or other well-trained dental professionals, you’ll realize that it’s quite different to distinguish whether a scenario is considered an emergency or not. Here are some scenarios:

  • Tumbling from a bike and knocking out your incisors
  • Your baby’s primary tooth hanging by a thread and you’re hesitate to finally take it out
  • Dental crown falling out and you’re the bride’s father and the wedding is just two days away
  • It’s midnight and suddenly, the tooth which had undergone root canal treatment is bleeding. You’re experiencing pain and your mouth suddenly got swollen.

These are just some scenarios that are quite hard to tell whether an emergency dental visit is needed. That’s because the impression of the individual might be different from the dentist’s. To an individual, a bad breath may be an emergency. But a dentist may only see it as a simple problem. To clear you out from the confusion, here are some scenarios which are truly considered as emergencies.

Knocked Out Teeth

It is always an emergency once a permanent tooth just got separated from the socket. It has to be replaced right away. The main priority is the prevention of the tooth from drying out. Never touch the tooth’s root surface. Just hold its crown, rinse if it’s dirty but don’t remove any cells or tissue.

If it’s impossible to put the tooth back in the socket, just place it in the cheek where the gums and teeth can hold it. However if accidentally swallowing the tooth is a concern, just place the tooth in a glass filled with milk while going to the dentist.

Swelling and Bleeding

Swelling is also considered an emergency. Any kind of swelling that’s accompanied with pain gives a high possibility of abscess, a mouth infection due to an underlying cause. Therefore, it’s important to treat the infection as soon as possible.

emergency dental visitSwelling with no pain felt can be different, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not an emergency. Therefore, you still need to have it checked by the dentist right away. It could be connected to another health-related issue such as cancer or a swollen salivary gland. Painless swelling doesn’t mean there’s no problem at all.

Gum bleeding or any bleeding coming from the mouth is also an emergency. Especially if you’re taking anti-coagulants, bleeding can indicate liver problems, infection, inflammation or trauma.

Emergency Dental Care

When there’s an emergency, your dentist will do everything to work with you. However, it’s best to have other options.

Emergency Number

If you need to call your dentist but it is past working hours already, the voice recording should include an emergency number. Call that number and follow the instructions given.

The Nearest ER

When it’s a serious oral problem and it took place in the middle of the night, perhaps the nearest emergency clinic may be the only option that you have.

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