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Buck teeth is a famous term for malocclusion or overbite that’s defined as teeth misalignment. Depending on its severity, this condition can be ignore or would require attention from the dentist.

A lot of individuals with buck teeth simply ignore it and can still live a normal life. For example, the late Freddie Mercury has severe overbite but he just embraced it. But there are those who chose to fix it for cosmetic purposes.

Aside from aesthetic reasons, there are many who do need to address the condition to avoid any serious complications. Such complications include injury to other teeth and gums, and accidental biting of the tongue. In treating this condition, your dentist should measure its severity, know the cause and symptoms.


Genetics is one of the causes of buck teeth. Your grandparent may have that condition and you inherited it, and who knows, your granddaughter may get the same trait as well, hopefully not. Aside from genetics, frequent use of pacifier and thumb sucking can also lead to buck teeth.


Tongue-thrusting is when the tongue is pressed too forward in the mouth. Aside from resulting to open bite or malocclusion, an overbite is also possible. While this is common in children, there are also cases among adults.

how to get rid of buck teeth


How to get rid of buck teeth depends on the severity of the condition. There are individuals who have buck teeth but they are not doing anything about it. They just accept it and move on. But if it’s making you uncomfortable or you’re experiencing other complications, seeing a dentist or orthodontist is highly recommended.

The treatment of buck teeth is not always the same, nor there is a standard way of treating it. Your dentist can you tell about the treatment plan.


Retainers and braces are the most common treatment methods for buck teeth. The metal wires and brackets attached to the teeth and being adjusted from time to time will slowly move the teeth in its proper position.

Palate Expansion

Palate expansion is more suitable for growing teens and children wherein the upper jaw doesn’t have enough rooms to accommodate growing adult teeth.

Palate expansion has a palatal expander which is attached to the upper part of the molars. With the use of the expansion screw, the two pieces on the expander are being moved apart. This results to widening of the palate.


Invisalign is a famous invisible brace used by many to correct teeth misalignment without letting others notice that you’re wearing a brace. Though it costs higher than those conventional braces, Invisalign is more convenient to wear, considering the fact that it can be removed.

Jaw Surgery

For severe cases, jaw surgery may be required especially to kids who are preventing further growth. With jaw surgery the relationship between the lower and upper jaw will be corrected.

Resorting to home treatment to fix buck teeth is strongly discouraged. Be informed that only a dentist or an orthodontist can fix this condition.

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