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Negative effects of alcohol on teeth

Negative effects of alcohol on teeth

Apart from the many other negative effects that are related to the consumption of alcohol such as having a pot belly or beer belly, it also has adverse effects of alcohol on teeth. Even though the consumption of alcohol has been associated with a healthy lifestyle to some extent which may not be the case in the long term. The negative influence and effect of alcohol consumption can be felt from head to toe and here are some of the things it will do to your teeth.

  1. Develop mouth and tooth diseases. Using alcohol especially in large quantity exposes the teeth and the mouth to other risks such as diseases. The development of plaque is very high and easy when you use alcohol, and this may result in premature loss of teeth.
  2. effects of alcohol on teethStaining of teeth. Everyone will enjoy great smiles with the bright white teeth, and this isn’t the case when using alcohol. The acid level in alcohol increases the effects on the teeth color that leads to staining especially those who don’t use straws when drinking alcoholic drinks.
  3. Dehydration of the mouth. Saliva plays an important role when it comes to teeth protection hence dryness will subject them much harm. When the mouth is dry, the removal of bacteria and plaque from the teeth is limited.
  4. Teeth lose and breaking. This is common for most people who consume a lot of alcoholic drinks since they aren’t able to have full body balance. When they often fall down after drinking, the teeth can easily be broken or be removed when hit on other hard surfaces.

You are the best choice when it comes to dental care hence your behaviors and character will determine a lot about your dental look. Offer the best to your dental care and avoid excess alcohol then you will limit the trips made to see the dentist. Since quantifying alcohol and relating it to the effects on the teeth can be difficult, there isn’t an excuse for moderate drinkers as the long term effect is likely to be the same.

Perfect anesthesia for dental surgery

Perfect anesthesia for dental surgery

Some of the oral care procedures can’t easily be handled without anesthesia. Different ways have been improvised to create comfort even during the major dental surgery procedure. Using anesthesia for dental surgery has a very long history to present since our great-grandparents used it differently. It majorly creates a different environment making tooth extraction, bone grafting, and other oral surgery happen with very little pain.

With the use of anesthesia, some of the major dental procedures can be done by experienced surgeons without necessarily having to be admitted. A dentist has specialized in using them, and they will make sure you are very comfortable throughout the procedure. Sometimes you may not be able to differentiate when the dentist started and finished the procedure while using anesthesia only to be told to go home.

Depending on the strength and effectiveness when using anesthesia, they have been categorized differently to serve different purposes. When handling patients who need outpatient dental surgery, the use of local anesthesia has proved to anesthesia for dental surgerybe effective since they keep you alert throughout the procedure. The anesthesia strength is limited to a specific area when using local anesthesia hence it’s only the mouth that will be affected with numbness.

Some of the major oral surgery can be done under the control of general anesthesia which makes you completely asleep. The patient who doesn’t want to see an ongoing process may prefer to use general anesthesia only to wake up in their new state. Following its storing nature, you will need some time at the health facility to help gain full control of your senses before you are discharged.

There are some side effects that are related to the random and wrong choice of anesthesia hence must be administered under the doctor’s guidance and care. You will get a brief of the feelings expected when anesthesia is used and how to control it to come back to normal once you are done.