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Oral and Maxillofacial surgery is a specialty that mostly requires degrees in dentistry as well as medicines and surgery. In most parts of the world, the practicing surgeon has to undergo a 14 yr training to begin. Although with scientific advancements, surgical operative procedures have simplified, the post surgery recovery depends on the surgeon’s skills as well as the oral habits of the patient. The team at www.daptodentists.com.au/about-us have proven to have the necessary skills to provide this kind of dental service given their years of experience in the field.

It’s known that there are certain foods that promote healing after oral surgery. However, it’s also a surprising fact that there exists no reputable reference source which can be used as a guide by doctors to ensure quick recovery after an oral surgery.

Foods that Promote Healing After Oral surgery

Eating habits are important to maintain good health in general. Foods are not only the fuel for daily functioning of the body, but they also provide nutrients for generation of new cells. Hence, by consuming foods that promote healing after oral surgery, you can definitely put your recovery on a fast track. The first 2 weeks are the most important and as a general rule, foods that require more than 3 chews and hot stuff should be avoided. However, the diet must include a balanced mix of the following 4 food groups:

  • Milk and dairy products or alternatives
  • Vegetables and fruits. Only soft fruits and boiled vegetables after cooling should be had
  • Grains. These can be consumed as porridge or soups.
  • Meat and alternatives.

Recommended Food Items foods that promote healing after oral surgery

It’s highly important to supply all vital nutrients to the body during recovery stage, while avoiding hard and hot items. Heat increases the blood flow thereby causing bleeding and hard textured food can bruise the wound. Certain foods that promote healing after oral surgery are as under :-

Fruits and Fruit Sauces. Mashed banana, avocado etc are good options and a minimum of 2 servings should be taken daily. To have variations, include sauces of apples, peaches or apricot.

Dairy Products. Cold milk, milkshakes, curd, cheesecake, cheese platter, custard etc must be taken a minimum of 2 servings daily.

 Noodles, soft pasta, macaroni, porridge etc.

Vegetable and meat soups, mashed or creamed spinach, sweet potato etc should be consumed after cooling.


It’s possible to accelerate the curing process after an oral surgery by following good eating habits. If proper care is not taken, the surgical wounds can get worse thereby requiring more time and medicines.

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