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In order to have a healthy bite, your upper teeth must be aligned with lower teeth so as the place of your molars on both sides. If the balance between these is disturbed that can create problems, so we need to consult with a dentist to prevent bigger complication as early as possible. Visit the staff of drinvisalignsydney clinic. They can help you with your questions regarding dental health.

Occlusion refers to the normal alignment of your lower teeth protecting your tongue so as your upper teeth preventing from biting your lips.

Malocclusion, on the other hand, refers to a problem with the alignment of teeth and it needs to be treated by a dentist. It can be caused by losing teeth or having extra teeth, the difference between the jaws, heredity, etc., so all this brings complications like this:

  1. Normal BiteOverbite

In order to have a bite, your upper teeth goes a bit over and in front of your lower teeth. It can accidentally cause biting your bottom lips. It’s also called a “rabbit teeth”.

  1. Underbite

People with more pointed out lower jaws have this problem. Their lower teeth are going a bit more in front of their upper teeth.

  1. Crossbite

This is caused by differences between jaws where comes to protruding an upper tooth into a lower teeth section making it hard to bite.

  1. Openbite

When your upper teeth aren’t in contact with your lower teeth while chewing or speaking, you got this problem.

These types of bites can cause you problems like speech and chewing problems, jaw problems like gingivitis, difficulties with breathing, facial look, etc. There is a solution for this addressed with braces in order to get your teeth aligned, tooth removal and repair, or jaw surgery.

With a normal bite, your teeth are easier for brushing, which makes it cleaner and resistant to tooth decay or gum problems and your jaw muscles will be more relaxed while smiling, eating, talking, etc.

For better oral health, we also advise using a mouthwash during your whole oral routine. You can visit this review of the best mouthwash brands if you’re seeking for more information.

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