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Immediate dentures would allow you to have a tooth extraction and dentures the same day. Conventional dentures will take time and there is some inconvenience that will accompany the wait before you get your new dentures. We will analyze the advantages of immediate dentures over conventional ones. This article will also tell you about the cost of dentures with extractions.

What are the immediate dentures?

It can be a huge inconvenience to have your teeth extracted and try to function normally without teeth until your dentures will be created. Imagine trying to chew and enjoy your favorite food without teeth. The good news is it is possible to have a tooth extraction and dentures the same day. These “instant” teeth are called immediate dentures. One of the advantages of these dentures would be that you can immediately get accustomed to speaking, eating and getting used to the feel of your new teeth.

The difference between immediate dentures and conventional ones

The main difference in the process of having immediate dentures and regular ones would be how they would be fitted. Conventional dentures will be formed from a mold that will be fitted on your mouth, gums, and your remaining teeth after the extraction would take place. However, for immediate dentures, the dentist would take a mold before the extractions. You would then usually come back at a later date; this would give them ample time to create the new dentures that will be put into place promptly after the old teeth would be extracted.

How much do immediate dentures cost?

Because of the convenience, immediate dentures can cost up to 15 to 20% more than conventional dentures. Another reason for the slightly more expensive price would be because the process to make immediate dentures would be more involved. The price for immediate dentures would usually start from $1,450.

Will dental insurance cover the costs?

The general rule of thumb with medical and dental insurance is if a procedure is medically needed, and not done only for cosmetic purposes, insurance will usually cover the cost. However, immediate dentures fall somewhere in the middle of those two categories. Immediate dentures are a luxury and put for aesthetics and at the same time, people would need teeth to chew their food properly. This is why it would depend on the type of dental insurance you have. If the plan you have includes major prosthetics, they will likely cover a portion of the cost. It would be a good idea to inquire at your insurance company about your annual maximum limit as well as the limitations of your dental insurance plan. They will be the best people available to answer questions on if your procedure will be covered or not.

If you have teeth that need to be extracted and you are scouting for dentures, it would be a good idea to consider immediate dentures. The convenience of having a tooth extraction and dentures the same day will take away the stress of not having teeth while waiting for dentures to be created. Visit your dentist today, and ask them about immediate dentures.

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