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A broken jaw, also known as a mandibular fracture, is a fairly common facial injury. The fractured jaw is believed to be the tenth most common fracture injury in the human body and the third most common fracture. In most injuries, the nose and cheekbones are broken more frequently.

How can you break your jaw?

Jaw fractures usually occur due to trauma or lower face injury. The most common causes that can lead to severe jaw fracture include:

– Injury to the vehicle/fall of the bicycle, riding a bicycle.

– Physical collision


If the jaw breaks, the situation can be determined by an X-ray. A CT scan would be required to determine the fracture of the maxilla. If there is any doubt about the spinal injury, an X-ray of the neck is required. Similarly, to determine brain damage, a brain CT scan and an eye exam are performed to exclude eye damage and vision.

Fractured Jaw

First aid and treatment

Once the jaw has been traumatized, the focus should be on reducing pain and preventing movement of the jaw. The treatment of a jaw fracture is based on keeping the jaw alone so that the bones can heal. For this purpose, the bandage of the jaw around the head is recommended. In a normal fracture, the ingestion of hard things should be avoided for a few days, and only a mild diet should be followed along with the analgesics.

In severe fractures, surgery is required. Due to fractures, swelling or heavy bleeding, the airways block. In this case, a doctor opens the channels by inserting an endotracheal tube so that the patient can breathe properly.

During the treatments, the jaw is wired with the opposing teeth, which remain between six and eight weeks. Rubber bands or rubber bands are used to hold the teeth together, which are then removed to allow movement and reduce the rigidity of the joint. During this treatment, you should only drink liquids or eat soft foods. However, do not forget to keep the scissors to cut rubber bands or cables in case of suffocation or vomiting. After several weeks of wiring, exercises are needed to strengthen the jaw.

The broken jaw is a difficult disease that needs to be mastered. You should always contact a reputable dentist who has experience in repairing broken jaws. Otherwise, the jaw repair process may take longer than normal.

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