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Are you planning to undergo the TMJ medical procedure? You could be, contingent upon the reason and seriousness of your symptoms. The TMJ surgery should, however, be the last alternative after all other options have failed.

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In this article, we are going to look at some of the options available for TMJ surgery.tmj surgery


This is a straightforward methodology that includes the extraction of fluids from the joint. The dental specialist infuses a needle into the joints and irrigates the region trying to evacuate debris and other byproducts. When it has been adequately cleared, the specialist may then infuse a lubricant into the region to make the joint move normally, or steroids to facilitate healing. This procedure is insignificantly obtrusive, and recuperation time is very short. This method doesn’t work for each patient.


This is a marginally more intrusive treatment than the arthrocentesis, in spite of the fact that it is to some degree similar in the procedure. In this procedure, the specialist utilizes a little camera to look at the inside of the jaw joint. Contingent upon what he discovers, he may perform different methods while he’s there, for example, sewing the discs in place in the event that they have moved lopsided, or expelling free or excess scar tissue.  The vast majority require close to seven days before they can come back their daily routine. This kind of medical procedure leaves little scars and to be sincere, in many occurrences, there is none by any stretch of the imagination. The needed incision is normally under five millimeters in length, requiring very few stitches to close. In case you see any kind of lingering marks, they will probably be in the form of temporary bruising in the region.

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