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What Are Removable Orthodontic Appliances? (And Where To Get Them)

What Are Removable Orthodontic Appliances? (And Where To Get Them)

When we say orthodontic treatment, what usually comes to mind are hard wires, brackets, and braces. However, today’s advanced technology brings more innovative techniques that help in fixing teeth alignment and other orthodontic problems. Instead of the complicated procedures, much simpler devices called removable orthodontic appliances are made. With its simple features, patients can be more comfortable and avoid permanent orthodontic braces but still get comparable results. For expert dental advice regarding removable orthodontic appliances, click this link. If you want to learn more about removable orthodontic appliances, continue reading.


Removable Appliances Explained

braces removable orthodontic appliancesRemovable appliances are today’s solution to several teeth alignment problems. These are specialized appliances made within an orthodontics laboratory, so it is not meant to be readily available for most dental clinics. These devices are crafted following the patient’s teeth to get the perfect fit and best results.

For some, these removable appliances help solve problems such as opening vertical dimension, aligning teeth, broadening arches, ease snoring, and many more.


Types of Removable Appliances

Nowadays, there is a wide range of removable appliances available depending on your preference and orthodontic needs. Here are some of the most common devices, along with each of their functions.


There are two types of retainers available. The first one is removable while the other is fixed. Regardless of their type, retainers are utilized to maintain teeth alignment after orthodontic treatment or brace removal.

An orthodontist will tell you how long you should wear your retainers and provide you with the necessary upkeeping techniques to take good care of them. Regular cleaning of your retainers is important to reduce the build-up of bacteria. It is also responsible for eliminating the risk of regression, which is why it is advisable to wear them as much as directed by your dentist. However, you may remove your retainers when eating and brushing your teeth.

Space Maintainers

For children who are experiencing premature loss of teeth, space maintainers are very useful. Since a child’s teeth are not yet permanent, tooth loss may happen, and gaps may be present. This opens the possibility for the remaining baby teeth to shift their position and block the designated path for permanent teeth. The space maintainers prevent malocclusion from happening, thus encouraging permanent teeth’ growth to its rightful place.

Palatal Expanders

As its name implies, palatal expanders are used to adjust the width of your upper jaw. Gentle pressure is applied on the upper molars until enough wideness is met. These are regularly adjusted, and each adjustment provides several pressures to serve its purpose. Palatal expanders often require months to achieve desirable results.


You can often see mouthguards being worn by athletes at sports events. These useful mouthpieces help protect their teeth and avoid unnecessary chipping and injuries from intense impacts and sudden biting.

invisalign removable orthodontic appliancesNight Guard

If you often find yourself grinding your teeth while sleeping, this can cause serious problems to your teeth. Forceful grinding may cause trauma to your jaws and might wear off your teeth. Nightguards are specialized devices that serve as a mouthguard. It will protect you from unnecessary injuries and tooth problems.

Snoring Device

This removable appliance is closely connected to a night guard but with a particular design to prevent snoring. The device is used to open the airways, which helps reposition the jaws and tongue. This process minimizes the occurrence of vibrations within the soft tissue when snoring.

Tongue Thrust Guard

We know that tongue thrust is a habit for many of us. This endangers your teeth from shifting, following your tongue’s pressure. The tongue thrust dental guard is worn at all times to help block your tongue from putting pressure on your teeth.

Partial Dentures

If you lose some permanent teeth, partial dentures can be worn as an aesthetic replacement. This is one of the most readily available removable orthodontic appliances that you may find in any dental clinic.

Flexible Partial Dentures

If you want a more comfortable version of a partial denture, the flexible one is perfect for you. This type of partial dentures has a soft base and allows smooth adjustments to your teeth.

Full Dentures

The team of Prime Dental Specialists say that losing all of your teeth can be challenging and might affect your self-esteem. Full dentures are the best solution to restore your smile. Aside from that, full dentures are also known to slow down bone loss. Latest technologies also have magnets that prevent these dentures from falling off.


Orthodontic Treatmentdental appointment for removable orthodontic appliances

Now that you’re well aware of the various removable appliances, you now have various solutions and options to choose from depending on your preferences. If you want to know the treatment options for your orthodontic needs, visit this page too.