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Are you conscious enough about your oral health? Are you flossing well?  Brushing isn’t enough for a total dental cleaning. Your brush doesn’t reach everywhere, and that’s where flossing helps you. Now, people floss as per their convenience. Some do it twice while others do it thrice. So how often should you floss, ideally? That’s what we’re going to answer here.

Why floss?    

Let’s start with why is flossing important for teeth health. You obviously brush regularly, right. But, the bristles don’t clean the nooks between your teeth and near the gum lines. Flossing helps you get rid of food particles and bacteria trapped within these spaces.

If you think there’s no much harm in leaving a few corners, beware. The bacteria build up within your teeth may form a layering called plaque. This plaque later leads to tooth decay and even Gingivitis. And, Gingivitis is the initial stage of the disease called periodontitis which causes loss of teeth. Bleeding gums, cavities, bone loss, and bad breath also arise due to lack of flossing.

Okay, flossing is essential. Now you know the evil effects of not flossing. So the next thing to ask is how often should you floss. Keeping things simple, you should just floss every time you brush your teeth. That makes it at least a couple of times per day, i.e. every morning and every night. If you brush after lunch, go a step further and floss thrice every day.

how often should you flossSo as per the experts, you should ideally brush and floss after every meal. In case you’re not a big fan of flossing, you can skip it once. Whatsoever, never eliminate flossing completely from your routine and do it at least once if it’s too hard

Flossing teams up with brushing to keep your teeth at the epitome of their health. That’s why most dental experts would strongly recommend flossing ideally thrice and at least once per day.

In case you suffer a condition like rheumatoid arthritis that doesn’t let you floss well, be ready with alternate ways. You can achieve similar results floss holders, dental picks, soft picks, and water flossers. Take care of your teeth and keep smiling.

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