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A crown overlay is used by dentists to reconstruct damaged teeth that have minimal issues but are strong enough to still be functional. This denture is considered as an alternative to fillings and is very much recommended by dentists because of its presentable aesthetics and functions. Always go to a trusted clinic if you need to fix your tooth structure and if you have dental health concerns.


Purposes of A Crown Overlay

The main purpose of a crown overlay is to improve dental health, tooth structure, and help them remain strong and useful. In dentistry, the overlay could mean a lot of things. Depending on what you specifically need, the term can be used for cosmetic and restorative purposes.

In cosmetic dentistry, overlays are used to aesthetically improve the look of the patient. The main objective is to conceal the imperfections of the teeth and make your smile brighter.

illustration of tooth crownsCrown overlay on the other hand is a restorative procedure that basically repairs and strengthens broken teeth. This prosthesis is somewhere in between fillings and full crown and is often the best solution for teeth with minimal damage. This is an office procedure used by dentists to restore certain areas in the teeth such as the top part. Other types of crowns include Onlays and inlays. The Onlay is placed on the cusp and the inlay is used to fill the space between the cusps.

In comparison with a filling, full crown, or full coverage restoration, crown overlays are less invasive and offer a more comfortable feeling. Plus, they keep your tooth structure and dental health in great shape at the same time. They can also be made of several materials such as pure gold, metal, and porcelain.


How Crowns Are They Made

Firstly, your dentist needs to examine your whole teeth structure in order to deem that you are qualified for crown prostheses. He will take the necessary measures to know the needed size, shape, and color of the overlays. After this, he will send a proposal to a laboratory where the prostheses will be created according to your tooth structure. A professional ceramist will proceed with molding and carving the crown overlay to make sure that it will fit you perfectly.

You will have to go back to the clinic for the attachment procedure.


Advantages of Crowns

Crown overlays can solve several oral problems at once. Some of its benefits and advantages include the following;

  • Provide support for a tooth that has been damaged by decay.
  • Prevents further damage by protecting the tooth.
  • Keeps the tooth structure aesthetically pleasing.
  • Keeps you away from root canal treatments.
  • Prevents a crack from completely breaking down.
  • Conceals an implant.
  • Improves teeth appearance by enhancing their color and shape.

Another good thing about this is that these are durable and often last for 10-15 years. This is the reason why most dentists suggest this restorative treatment for patients with a damaged tooth.


Cons of A Crown

Despite its numerous advantages, a crown overlay can also present several drawbacks. The first thing that you need to consider is that there is a possibility that the size and shape of the overlay could be incorrect due to human error. This could cause damage to the teeth after been attached.

Secondly, one of the most common after procedure side effects is tooth sensitivity. Some patients experience discomfort when they consume hot or cold foods. However, this effect is temporary and can be relieved by using a toothbrush and toothpaste that are specifically designed for sensitive teeth.

When the crown overlays are too high from their correct position, you might also feel pain when chewing or biting. If this happens, ask your dentist to adjust the crown.

A crown can also become chipped but don’t worry because small cracks are very easy to repair without having to remove the crown overlay from your tooth. Unfortunately, large damages could potentially require complete replacement.

Sadly, the glue or cement that is used to keep the crown overlay in place could be washed away. Due to this, bacteria can enter the open holes and cause decay. In rare cases, the overlay could even fall off because of improper fitting and poor attachment.

Additionally, allergic reactions may also occur but this negative effect varies on the individual. Lastly, A crown overlay can be quite expensive depending on the materials used.


Crown Aftercare

dental office set upYour dental health should be one of your topmost priority when it comes to self-care. One of the reasons why people need a crown overlay is because of poor oral care. It’s important to use quality products that can significantly keep your teeth strong and healthy. After the restorative procedure, your dentist might give you a full guideline so you can keep your overlay in good condition for a long period of time.

The list often includes the following:

  • No sticky and hard foods. Your crown is very much just like your teeth, they are vulnerable to hard and sticky foods as well. Using your teeth to chew hard candies can reduce their lifespan and may even lead to a chip or crack.
  • Maintain your dental health. This means that you need to observe proper oral care together with regular visits to the dentist.
  • Quit your unhealthy habits. Nail-biting and opening a bottle of beer by using your teeth are just a few of the examples. These habits will eventually cause damages to your teeth and crown overlay.
  • For people who teeth-grind, use a mouthguard. Mouthguards can be easily bought over the counter. But if you prefer to have one that’s comfortable, you may ask your dentist to prepare a customized mouthguard for you. You may even choose between transparent or colored materials.
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