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Patients seeking dental implants, often do not know that they might need to undergo a bone graft procedure before installing their implant. You can advise these dentists on Bella Vista about the need of bone grafting before getting a tooth implant.

The obvious questions patients are: What is bone grafting and why it is required before a dental implant.

What is a graft?

Bone grafting is the procedure of adding bone to an area of the jaw where it’s missing. It can be used in any area of the mouth where needed. The dentist uses one of the following three options of bones: autogenous, allograft, or alloplast. The autogenous bone belongs to the same patient. Bone allograft comes from a donor and alloplastics are synthetic substitutes. The dentist can also use a combination of the above three. To enhance the grafting and implant procedure the dentist can also use PRP, that comes from your blood. The area is closed with artificial collagen or a donor membrane.

Bone grafting is required for two reasons

To create enough bone for dental implants or to fill a deteriorated area under the gums. dental implant

Bone formation is often needed when a patient no longer has teeth or has part of the bone in the jaw area where the implant will be placed. The dental implant needs the bone to hold it in place. If the bone graft is performed regardless of a dental implant, the reason is usually cosmetic or for gum contouring.

Sometimes, the dental implant can be placed simultaneously with the bone graft. However, this often depends on the material of which the implants and grafts are made and the size of the area to be transplanted. If the transplant is done before implant placement, the bone graft healing stages are completed in 4 or 6 months.

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