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Teeth problems are stressful and devastating. This could make you feel unsuccessful and ugly. You may be moved by bad teeth, especially for teens who are more aware of their appearance. Bad teeth can be obtained naturally by birth or by accident or injury. Whatever the causes, the result is still not good.

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Somehow, you feel like you have to get rid of those bad teeth. The desire to have perfect teeth was probably influenced by the personalities you saw on television, or it could be in you that the needs have to change. The way you look at your black teeth depends on how you take steps to correct them.

Bad TeethDental procedures depend on the condition of your teeth. You can choose between the options that your dentist can offer you. The cost of each treatment also depends on the ease and difficulty of treating the teeth in poor condition. For stains on the teeth, you can choose between a home treatment and an aesthetic dentist procedure. The most procedure done is tooth whitening. There are two varieties; Oral trays and oral treatments at home. Of course, they all differ from the way they were created, and the effect may also vary. But the desired results are the same: to have pearly teeth. They are safe and worth spending.

For damaged, cracked or chipped teeth, facets are usually suggested. There are veneers in composite resin and porcelain. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. They are relatively safe and effective. The veneers can give the impression that the treatment is as natural as the other teeth. Porcelain veneers, for example, can withstand crushing and grinding. They last so long. Another use of the veneers is that they can even perfectly align the teeth and fill in the spaces between the teeth. The veneers are attached to the outside of the tooth or teeth and are very thin, almost invisible. Porcelain coating costs more than composite resin.

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