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The root canal vs extraction dilemma

The root canal vs extraction dilemma

You are in the dental clinic, facing the dilemma: root canal vs extraction. Neither over them is a pleasant procedure. However, it gets to a point where you have to choose one of them when suffering from teeth problems. Root canals and tooth extractions represent the main strategies in dealing with a tooth that suffers serious damage.

If the dentist examines your teeth and discovers that the pulp is seriously damaged, unhealthy, or in some extreme cases, dead, root canals represent the ideal solution. This procedure involves the dentist numbing the affected area to open up the tooth. With the help of specialized tools, the pulp is entirely removed and this area gets cleaned to ensure that there are no bacteria. It is then filled with a material known as gutta-percha, whose role is to substitute the pulp that was removed. In some cases, a crown is added on the affected tooth to improve its strength and appearance.

If the dentist examines your tooth and determines that nothing can be done to save it theextraction vs root canal treatment go-to option is to have it extracted. Firstly, dentists numb the affected section to minimize the pain associated with this procedure. With the help of expert instruments, the dentist loosens the tooth before pulling it out. Although this procedure sounds gruesome, one only feels a small amount of pressure. In most cases, teeth extraction is accompanied by bleeding. Patients are often asked to bite down on a gauze to allow clotting of the blood for about 45 minutes. Additionally, one may experience facial swelling.

Root canals represent the best option when it comes to treatment of teeth problems because they focus on repairing your natural tooth and keeping it in place. However, they may not be applicable in all circumstances, especially if your tooth is damaged beyond repair.

Rotten Teeth – The Most Common Dental Problem

Rotten Teeth – The Most Common Dental Problem

Tooth decay is one of the most common dental problems that creeps over us every day. Rotten teeth don’t look pretty at all but yet, we still keep eating sugary sweets and foods that build up plaque on them. When too much plaque is on our teeth, the acid that is produced is the thing that causes tooth decay. This particular problem mostly occurs in children because they indulge in sugary treats more often than adults. As a result, we see more and more kids with blackish teeth.

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rotten teethThe most common symptoms

· Tooth sensitivity when eating cold or hot food, even sugary sweets

· Toothache – can be a sharp pain or it can be for a prolonged period of time

· Black or gray spots on your teeth

· An unpleasant taste in your mouth that doesn’t go away

· Bad breath

If you or your kid is experiencing any of these problems you might have a rotten tooth and you need to get an X-ray, as fast as possible. The way to handle this problem is to brush your teeth regularly and visit your dentist at least once every two years, once a year if you are under 18. If by any chance, you have a rotten tooth, there are several things that can be done. Firstly, if it is still in the early stage, a simple fluoride gel will help and you will need to watch your sugar intake. Secondly, you might have to get a filling or a crown. This is a process which numbs the tooth, removes the decay and fills the spot. The final thing that can happen is for your tooth to get removed and replaced if it is badly damaged. To avoid these problems you just need to brush, floss and see your dentist more often.