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The necessity of an orthodontic pacifier for your child

The necessity of an orthodontic pacifier for your child

A pacifier is a mother’s breast substitute for a baby. You may be wondering how something as tiny as a pacifier could cause so much fuss in the parenting world. Many moms and dads are passionate about whether or not a pacifier really is good for their baby. Therapists, parents, and pediatricians have been weighing the possible benefits of an orthodontic pacifier. But as the years pass you should reduce the use of the pacifier in order to keep your kid’s teeth healthy. Many children excessively using pacifiers will need to visit their dentists as they grow up to fix any misalignments. Check out this clinic that offers orthodontic services in Miranda, NSW and learn about what options toddlers and older children have to get their teeth straight again.

To be honest, there are a few great reasons for using pacifiers. If you have ever clear pink silicone orthodontic pacifierseen parents who have acquired a few minutes of quiet time with the use of a pacifier, you will understand that one of the greatest benefits is just that.
What most people don’t realize is that pacifiers actually have more benefits than just that. For one thing, they help infants get themselves pacified. Infants need to find ways to self-soothe. Pacifiers can also be one source of soothing for a colicky or a crying child.

It has also been recommended to parents just recently that perhaps they may want to consider letting their child sleep with pacifiers in the first year since this protects against the SIDS. Doing this has a protective effect against the dreaded syndrome of sudden infant death. When you put the baby down to sleep, use a pacifier but do not put it back in his mouth once he is already in dreamland. Naturally, you won’t have to pick up your baby’s pacifier if it falls off time and time again if you happen to have a few pacifier holders along with the pacifier. You can even buy holders that match your child’s outfits of baby gear, such as a pink holder that you can attach to a pink stroller.

The suck reflex is also satisfied with a pacifier among smaller children. Some babies have a necessity to suck that exceeds the period they get on the breast or the bottle. For infants such as these, pacifiers can meet this actual necessity. Other parents can tell you that it is easier to wean a baby from a pacifier than his or her own thumb when weaning time comes around.

Keep in mind that when you purchase a pacifier, you should watch out the age range on the label. For instance, when you buy a pacifier for older age to newly born babies this could pose a choking hazard.

How To Maintain Orthodontic Treatment

How To Maintain Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment involves straightening of the teeth by improving their appearance and their working. Moreover, it assists in maintaining healthy teeth, jaw joints and gums by spreading the pressure of biting equally on your teeth. The treatment also involves full check and examination of your teeth by taking of x-rays and having your teeth models made. After this, the orthodontist will discuss with you on how to fix them.

It can be done applying several appliances that are called braces.

There are various types of braces that include:

• Removal brace
• Fixed brace
• Functional brace
• Invisible braces

Maintaining the orthodontic treatment

During this treatment you should maintain proper hygiene of your teeth or else this will damage your gums and teeth. Lack of proper care makes a plaque to accumulate around the braces and if the plaque isn’t removed, an acid is created that will corrode your teeth and cause cavities.

Here is a list of the things you should do to maintain your orthodontic treatment:

• The use of an electric toothbrush will be advisable. This toothbrush will assist you in cleaning the teeth and the braces properly. At least brush twice in a day.
• Consider flossing daily. You can use either super floss or floss threads.
• Also, use of a mouth rinse is important. Gums may get inflamed due to your body reaction to the metal braces or due to plaque accumulating on the braces. Having a mouth rinse will improve the health of the gums.
• Consider using toothpaste that is strong in fluoride if the risk of having cavities is high.
• You should wear mouth guards if you do sports.
• Have a regular rinse off your teeth with clean water.
• A regular check by the dental team will be essential so that they can examine how the braces are.
• Avoid sugary foods.

After the braces are removed they are replaced with retainers. Retainers help in maintaining the teeth in position.

You should do the following to maintain the retainers:

• Go for a proper cleaning and examination of your teeth.
• Avoid breaking the retainers and if they break they should be replaced sooner not later.
• Retainers have time frames which should be changed eventually.
• Most of the times the orthodontist advise that you should wear the retainers 24 hours in a day for the first three months for them to work properly.
• Brush your teeth with a lot of care. Consider brushing gently.