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Can You Chew Gum With Braces?

Can You Chew Gum With Braces?

Whether or not you can chew gum with braces on can be a cause of debate. Some say you should never attempt it – while others insist it can even be good for you.

In reality, chewing gum while wearing braces is generally not a wise idea. The reason? You increase the risk of damaging your braces and your teeth.

Braces most often consist of metal wires and brackets that are competently designed to gently move your teeth into shape. While they are extremely sturdy and bend-resistant, some food items can cause them to move or shift around. One of the most common culprits for this can be hard or sticky food, such as chewing gum. If eating chewing gum causes your braces to bend, you may or may not feel it. Apart from being super inconvenient, it can also lead to your teeth alignment to change into an undesirable or awkward trajectory, which could ruin the results of your dentist’s hard work.

can you chew gum with bracesA secondary danger of chewing gum is, of course, its high sugar content. Bits and pieces of gum can get lodged in between the metal brackets, making them hard to remove by brushing or flossing. Sugar can then contribute to tooth cavity and infections, which could mean another unnecessary trip to your dentist.

So can you chew gum with braces on? It’s never a good idea. If you’re a chewing gum lover, there are a few things you can do without having to risk your braces – and teeth – getting damaged. If you enjoy the feeling of chewing, try going for foods that are soft and not as chewy – such as apple or carrot slices. For an easy breath freshener, try chewing on some parsley or placing a clove on your tongue. Lastly, if you’re after a sugary treat, opt for sugar-free chocolate or yogurt. There are plenty of good options out there – there’s no need to rely on possibly harmful chewing gum while you’re wearing your braces. After all, a beautiful smile is worth it!

Orthodontic Toothbrush for Braces

Orthodontic Toothbrush for Braces

Patients with require specific in depth oral hygiene proper care as excess substance or appliances fitted in the mouth acts as meals and plaque trap. Though orthodontic appliances are incredibly valuable in straightening teeth, having braces will indefinitely make it harder to retain typical oral hygiene care procedures as further effort is required to clean around the brackets and wire. Improper removal of plaque and food items debris or inadequate oral hygiene attention procedures could make people specifically susceptible to dental problems including gingivitis and dental caries (cavities). Hence it’s vital to use right plaque eradicating agent for instance an excellent orthodontic toothbrush to avoid plaque stagnation close to the tooth.

proper oral care

A variety of orthodontic toothbrushes available


You can find no certain toothbrushes produced purely for orthodontic braces attention, hence conventional toothbrushes are applied. With advancement of technologies, there are lots of various toothbrushes in the current market and on top of marketing and advertising gimmicks; this tends to make it even more difficult to decide on the finest toothbrush that applies to us. Normally dentist proposed toothbrushes consist of toothbrushes with a tiny head and soft bristles.


Modest head toothbrushes let much better entry to rear teeth particularly in circumstances in which sufferers are unable to open their mouth as big mind or usual grownup sized toothbrushes will have difficulty reaching all surfaces in the spine teeth comfortably. Tiny head toothbrushes enable far better regulate as a result of enhanced space, hence superior removing of plaque. A modest head toothbrush can also be quickly angled to cleanse the spine surfaces of front teeth far more effortlessly than massive mind toothbrush. Some sufferers desire getting two separate toothbrushes, an adult sized and also a kid sized in order that the former is utilized for standard cleansing, and the latter for other surfaces regularly missed.


electric toothbrushSoft bristled toothbrushes are the preferred toothbrush for braces as they are really a lot more adaptable and are gentler on tooth construction. Moderate or challenging bristled toothbrushes when applied inappropriately can cause unnecessary stripping and lack of tooth enamel. For individuals with manual dexterity complications, a sizable handled toothbrush is usually used to increase manage and better plaque removal. Some toothbrushes such as the preferred Oral B ‘CrossAction’ toothbrushes have angled toothbrushes which are stated to advertise cleaning in places which might be tougher to achieve, for instance in between teeth.


Manual toothbrushes would be the identical as electric toothbrushes. There has been a protracted ongoing debate on the efficacy of electric toothbrushes in cleansing becoming more superior to manual toothbrushes. But as of yet, no substantial scientific studies have managed to conclusively prove so.