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In all age groups, this is the most common reason to visit the dentist. It is also a common reason for tooth loss at an early age. Generally, decayed teeth are those teeth infected by carries which with time multiply and eventually result in more severe cavities which cannot be repaired but only removed. To find out more about dental care, you can view from this source.

Did you know that sugar is a substance that provides energy for the development of germs? Well, every time you drink something sweet, the bacteria in your mouth create an acidic surrounding that causes your teeth to rot.

Prevention is the best medicine and, interestingly, preventing teeth decay is as easy as it seems. Regular teeth brushing with a toothpaste containing fluoride is what you should be doing. Also, don’t forget to floss at least once a day and you should go to the dentist at least twice a year to perform dental examinations.

rotten toothThe worst case in rotting teeth is when the carries come into contact with the nerves, and you can no longer bear the pain. If you suffer from it, consult a dentist immediately. What is usually done that the rotten places are removed, and the cavity is filled with a substance containing a disinfectant? Antibiotics are also used along with some procedures performed by the dentist? After the rotten tooth is filled, the pain is alleviated. However, if there is a severe case, the reconstruction process is done automatically.

Finding color changes indicates that something is wrong with your teeth. Finding no color changes don’t tell you that everything is well. If you can see things starting to go the wrong get in touch with your dentist, and if things look all right to you, you should still go for your next regular dental examination. If at all you want that good look you should always visit your dentist.

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