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With the success of innovative practices, it was just a matter of time before the introduction of high-tech oral care supplies. A majority of dental care companies are diving into this hype, with Quip being one of the most notable for oral hygiene. If you happen to come across this article, we are guessing you might have an interest in giving Quip a shot. Well, today is your lucky day. Our team has written up a Quip toothbrush review to help determine if this new and revolutionary toothbrush is suitable for your needs.



The Quip electric toothbrush is a relatively new addition to the already competitive electric toothbrush industry. It has swiftly acquired traction thanks to an excellent advertising campaign that appears to be geared towards a diverse age range. It has a clean and polished look that undoubtedly suits high-quality aesthetics.

Is Quip toothbrush, however, as excellent for your dental health as it claims to be? Before we get more into detail, let’s check out some background information about Quip.



What Is Quip Electric Toothbrush?

From a company that aims to improve your oral care practices comes a new battery-powered toothbrush, popularly known as Quip. With its smooth vibrating technology, this product promises to provide your teeth with a deep cleaning it deserves. Moreover, it comes with a helpful handbook that explains other methods to improve your oral hygiene techniques.


Quip Toothbrush Package

  • One box of a Quip toothbrush contains the following items:
  • 1 Quip electric toothbrush, including battery and brush head
  • Quip’s SLS-free, fluoride, and anti-cavity toothpaste supply, suitable for three months
  • Base mount for Quip toothbrush, good for wall-mount and can be helpful as a cover during travels
  • Guideline packet


Product Design

Quip continues to be flexible when it comes to its appearance. Aside from its sleek and elegant style, it comes in a variety of materials. Quip electric toothbrushes are available in plastic, copper, silver, black, gold, or slate metal. Depending on your liking, anyone is sure to get a hold of whatever suits their needs. Quip also offers limited edition designs that you can get at a specific time of the year.


Product Safety

The Quip toothbrush has the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. This seal confirms that the manufacture of the product follows safety protocols and has high-quality standards. With this certification, you can be confident that it is both efficient and safe for use.


How Does Quip Toothbrush Work?

So, how does the Quip electric toothbrush work? Below are some of the functions that make this product one of the most sought-after toothbrushes.


Automatic and Manual Combination

features of quip electric brushThe Quip electric toothbrush is famous for its inner workings, which are a combination of manual and automatic principles. This means that the toothbrush works just as you would with a traditional toothbrush but also exhibits innovative features. The brush head itself generates sonic vibrations at fifteen thousand strokes every minute. However, because this electric toothbrush is only half as strong as its counterparts, you ought to support it in gentle circular movements in order to maximize its cleaning capabilities.


Battery and Charging

The Quip’s battery-operated feature distinguishes it from other electric toothbrushes available in the market. It necessitates the use of a triple-A battery, which lasts around three months when utilized twice a day for two minutes. For us, a non-rechargeable electric toothbrush might be a concern. Other than the fact that changing batteries can be an additional expense, its use can also pose a significant threat to our environment. According to several pieces of research, the manufacture and disposal of batteries can result in chemical release, which compromises our ecosystem.


Bristles and Tongue Scraper

The Quip’s bristles are also unique. At a glance, you’ll notice the presence of regular strands. But if you look closely, between them are soft silicone bristles that help you clean far more thoroughly. Additionally, you can also find a tongue scraper on the opposite side of the brush head.


Replacement Brushes

According to dental hygienists, a typical toothbrush has a lifespan of three months. Changing it to a new one is necessary to prevent contamination. Luckily, a Quip electric toothbrush has a detachable brush head, so you won’t have to replace the entire unit. Just as you thought it couldn’t get any better, Quip offers subscriptions that allow users to get replacement brush heads whenever necessary. All you need to do is to sign up during your purchase.


Minimalist Function

Unlike other electric toothbrushes, the Quip is undoubtedly meant for individuals who want a minimalist feel. It has a single option, which is the power setting. On the other hand, it also has an automatic two-minute timer which includes a thirty-second pulse. This feature ensures a proper brushing timeframe.



Quip is also versatile when it comes to its users. There is an available plastic alternative, perfect for youngsters who are starting to learn about oral hygiene. It also comes in a set with fruit-flavored toothpaste.


How Much Does Quip Cost?

A Quip might come more expensive than any manual toothbrush, but it costs much less than most deluxe models from other electric toothbrush manufacturers. Depending on the version of your choice, it ranges from around twenty-five dollars up to forty dollars. However, this price applies only to the brush itself. If you would want the subscription package, you should expect additional charges.


Where to Buy Quip Toothbrush?

Aside from the Quip website, their electric toothbrush is also available for purchase on a variety of online and physical stores. You can get them through third-party distributors, where you can also read additional customer evaluations. If you don’t want to wait for delivery, Quip is also available at specific market locations around the world.


What We Like About Quip

For our team, there seems to be a lot to like about Quip. In comparison with other sonic electric toothbrushes, this brand is a total breather that could last for more than a year. Not to mention how great it feels like to have a toothbrush that only takes up a minimal amount of space.


quip toothbrush review good sidesSimple

Overall, Quip toothbrush is a fantastic choice for those who enjoy safe and functional oral routines. The Quip toothbrush continues to receive positive feedback from a lot of people—particularly those who want to clean their teeth and still look fabulous while doing it.



We would definitely recommend this product for people struggling with their busy schedules. Quip electric toothbrush prioritizes convenience and offers hassle-free delivery options. So, the next time you need a brush head replacement, you don’t have to go out to get it.



Quip provides e-mail newsletters and relevant information about oral health. For dental care experts, this effort shows how the company helps spread awareness in brushing and other oral care practices. It also confirms that Quip is a responsible partner for dental professionals.


Travel-Friendly Design

The Quip electric toothbrush is perfect for travelers and those who frequently go out. It has an intuitive design that is easy to throw into your luggage without the risk of breaking the bristles or the brush head.


What We Don’t Like About Quip

While we do like many aspects of the product, it does have a few flaws. The following are some of our most minor favorite parts about Quip:


Fluoride-containing Toothpaste

Experts would not suggest fluoride toothpaste, especially for children, as accidental swallowing increases the risk of fluorosis. This condition can interfere with tooth enamel development and other oral concerns. Because of this rising anomaly, the availability of hydroxyapatite kinds of toothpaste is taking a leap. From a professional standpoint, we suggest skipping the fluoride toothpaste when ordering Quip.


Brush Head Size

Quip’s brush head size is relatively large than average. This characteristic isn’t that much of a problem for most people, but it might not be as helpful if you have a small mouth. To get a better fit, we suggest getting a kids’ toothbrush head instead.


Battery Use and Indicators

There is no low battery indication on this battery-operated, non-rechargeable device. Because we have so many gadgets in our houses that come with chargers, it’s not unusual to run out of batteries at the last minute. Because each battery lasts a long time, this is a relatively minor issue, but without an indication, it can be a slight nuisance.


Tongue Scraping

The tongue cleaner on the underside of its head isn’t as effective in comparison with a metal tongue scraper. That functionality, in our opinion, might have been left out totally.


Should I Buy Quip Toothbrush?

quip electric toothbrush purchaseQuip toothbrush is a great brand. However, it might not be suitable for everyone considering that we have our personal preferences. Moreover, there is no single brand that every dentist would agree on. Nonetheless, almost every dental hygienist would tell you that the type of toothbrush you are using is only an additional. Technically, it is more about when and how you use it.

If you brush at least two times a day and utilize appropriate oral care techniques, even a traditional toothbrush will improve your oral health. But if you’re unsure about which toothbrush to use, you may always consult your dentist. Your dentist will be able to provide you with several alternatives and advise you on which ones will keep your mouth the cleanest.


The Bottomline

In conclusion, we continue to discover the enticing marketing campaign that Quip has. Since its launch, it has been a consistent choice for a lot of millennials. The product itself is stylish and trendy, which really contributes a lot in encouraging potential buyers. Most reviews are positive, which boosts enthusiasm towards the development of social media platforms.

However, the functionality of the product might not be as far off as its competitors. Nonetheless, it still provides decent oral care support and an excellent value for your money. So, if you’re searching for a softer yet powerful toothbrush, try out Quip electric toothbrush. You can also sign up for an additional subscription service for a better experience.

If seeing a Quip brush makes you happy, there’s a high chance it’ll inspire you to stick to your regimen. Overall, it is an essential factor to consider when selecting a toothbrush.



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