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Most of the people see how a comprehensive orthodontic treatment can make your smile look more attractive. However, did you know that this dental treatment can also improve the health of your mouth? A comprehensive orthodontic treatment has several ways to do it. If you want to know more,


An Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics is a comprehensive treatment to straighten or move your teeth to improve the presence and function of the teeth. Orthodontic treatment also helps check after the long-term health of your permanent teeth, gums, and jaw joints, by giving biting pressure over all your teeth.


How Orthodontic Treatment Works?

A comprehensive orthodontic treatment incorporates several types of appliances applied to retrain muscles, gradually move teeth, and affect your jaw’s development by inserting mild pressure on your teeth and jaw.

Comprehensive treatment of orthodontics could include fixed or removable devices. Depending on how severe your condition, your orthodontist will recommend you on which method is appropriate.


Fixed Dental Appliance


Braces help correct issues with your teeth such as crowding, crooked, or misaligned teeth. A dentist usually adjusted this device monthly, and the patient will wear it for a few months to a few years.


Special fixed devices

A patient will use this appliance as a last resort to manage tongue thrusting or thumb sucking. A dentist will attach special fixed devices to the teeth using bands. In this case, a patient can be uncomfortable while eating.


Fixed space maintainers

At times, kids lose their teeth prematurely. In that case, an orthodontist might install a space maintainer in your kid’s mouth to maintain the space open until a permanent tooth emerges.


Common Removable Dental Appliances



Aligners are more and more becoming a popular alternative to conventional braces for grown-ups. This device moves teeth in the same technique as braces. However, it is practically invisible and does not incorporate metal wires and brackets. Aligners need to be removed when you will eat, brush, and floss your teeth.


Jaw repositioning device

Occlusal splints are the appropriate device for jaw repositioning. Dentists place either on the upper or lower jaw and treat TMJ problems by exercising the jaw to close in a better matter.

Palatal expander

These appliances are a plastic plate that suits over the top of the mouth. A dentist uses palatal expander when the arch of your top jaw requires to be widened.


Removable retainers 

Patients need to wear removable retainers to avoid their teeth from moving back to their previous alignment.



Some individuals need to wear headgear. This device should wear in the evening or at night. In case you do not use it in the manner your dentist instructed you, your front teeth may protrude at the end of the procedure.


Benefits of Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment

There are several benefits of orthodontic treatment, including:

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Improved Oral Health

Your teeth and gum health will automatically improve when you receive orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth. Crooked teeth can help germs gather together, leading to the development of cavities and the early stage of gum disease.


Jaw Problems and Solutions

The bite of the patient can be a significant part of oral health. Receiving orthodontic treatment may correct your top and lower jaws’ alignment, helping to prevent TMJ problems and jaw pain.


Protecting the teeth

Complications with tooth alignment and jaw development can become noticeable when a person is very young. Initial intervention can benefit the individual by adjusting their upper and lower jaws and forming space for all their permanent teeth to emerge. That is why it is advisable that a by the age of 7, children should visit a dentist to evaluate if this type of comprehensive treatment is applicable for their condition. Early diagnosis and treatment can help prevent the removal of permanent teeth and complex jaw surgery.


Greater Self-Confidence

Having crooked or misaligned teeth can make a person hide their smile and express simple joys. Receiving orthodontic treatment can change many lives in several helpful ways. The ideal time to start treatment is in those early, developmental years.


The Importance of Social Acceptance

Comprehensive orthodontic treatment can help fix problems related to an unattractive smile. An individual with a sincere and genuine smile will be able to tell their feelings and personality. This event can lead a person to be more socially accepted and active in the world.

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