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Why Do My Teeth Hurt? Six Causes of Toothache

Why Do My Teeth Hurt? Six Causes of Toothache

Why do my teeth hurt? Perhaps you’re asking or have asked the question once or severally. Toothache is a disturbing condition that can go on for a few hours or longer time that may extend to days if the problem isn’t treated. The major causes of the condition vary from dental to non-dental issues.

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Below are the common reasons for toothache; 

  1. Cracked tooth

Chewing or biting hard things like ice or metallic objects can put a lot of pressure on your teeth and cause them to crack. The cracking exposes the inner layers of the teeth and hence make them sensitive to temperature changes. Pain due to a cracked tooth may occur when you’re biting or chewing food or taking cold or sugary drinks.

  1. Tooth decay

Tooth decay results in the development of cavities in your tooth. Poor dental hygiene and eating too much sugary food increases are major risk factors for tooth decay. Over time, the cavity spreads inward and reaches the dentin of your tooth. Hence, you experience pain when the affected tooth is touched or subjected to temperature change.

  1. why do my teeth hurtPulpitis

It’s the inflammation and irritation of your tooth’s pulp. Pulpitis causes pressure to build up inside your teeth as well as on the surrounding tissues. This leads to pain which can be mild or extreme depending on the intensity of the inflammation.

  1. Periodontitis

Periodontitis affects the gums of your teeth. The infection weakens the bones and gum. Consequently, your gum pulls away from your teeth and leads to the formation of pockets which get filled with bacteria. Further deterioration leads to the exposure and the resultant decay of the tooth roots. As a result, the roots become sensitive to touch and cold.

  1. Erosion of enamel

Enamel is the hard outer surface that protects your teeth. However, the enamel can easily wear out if you regularly take acidic or sugary foods and drinks. Besides, brushing your teeth very hard or using a hard-bristled toothbrush can erode your tooth’s enamel. When the protective layer thins, your teeth become sensitive to cold or hot food and drink. Hence, your teeth hurt.

  1. Non-dental causes

Your teeth may hurt as a result of infections and diseases such as;

  • diabetes
  • rhinosinusitis (sinus infection)
  • heart disease

If you don’t have dental issues, your toothache could be a clear indicator of the mentioned diseases.

Gum disease, tooth decay, tooth cracking, and erosion of the enamel are some of the common causes of toothache. Observing proper dental care accompanied by dental check-ups are the best ways to keep your teeth healthy and free from hurting.

What are the types of dental crown

What are the types of dental crown

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap and prosthetic object which is cemented on your damaged tooth. The main reason why you get a dental crown is to improve your dental health, structural strength and enhance the appearance of your damaged or decayed tooth. Crowns are meant to provide cosmetic enhancement. They have a natural resemblance of your teeth and once fixed, only your doctor can remove them.

Why would you need a dental crown? 

  • To protect your week tooth as a result of decay from breaking. 
  • To restore your broken tooth or severely worn out a tooth. 
  • To support and cover your tooth with fillings when not much of your tooth is left. 
  • To cover your misshaped and discolored teeth 
  • For cosmetic modification. 

Types of dental crown

There are various kinds of dental crowns developed by using various materials and techniques. Your dentist can recommend a suitable crown depending on your oral health, aesthetic objective, and your budget. They include the following.

Porcelain Crowns

Crowns developed from porcelain or ceramic are used to restore front teeth due to they are superior aesthetic. The materials are usually translucent as natural enamel and dentist can precisely shade them. However, ceramic crowns are not as strong and durable as metal crowns. They also the most expensive crowns.

types of dental crownMetal Crowns

Metal crowns are made from gold and other metal alloys. They are ideal for molars. Metal crowns are highly resistant to wear and tear and they last longer than any other kind of crown. Their main drawback is the appearance. Metal is easily visible against the enamel, and that’s why they placed at the back of your mouth.

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crown

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns have the best features among all dental crowns. The porcelain present in PFMs is blended with the surrounding teeth and matches naturally. On the other side, the metal in PFMs provides strong and durable support on the crown.

Crowns are great in enhancing your dental aesthetic and support. If well taken care of, a dental crown can last for up 20 years. To ensure the crown last longer, maintain regular dental hygiene and ensure you a visit your dentist regularly for a checkup.

How can facial surgery give you a big smile and confidence?

How can facial surgery give you a big smile and confidence?

“Fake it till you make it” this is a trick which is done to the brain to believe that a person is happy. One of the real ways to achieve this is to have facial surgery. Facial surgery is used to improve the appearance of the teeth and overall appearance of a person. If you are interested to know more about facial surgery and other cosmetic procedures, visit the cosmetic clinic in Brisbane. It can give more symmetry to the face thereby improving the confidence of the people. This confidence will cause the majority of people to gain confidence.

When people get facial surgery, their teeth and overall face will look great, and the people will be more comfortable for showing their smile. The physical act of smiling is seen to cause tangible impacts on the brain and helps the brain to develop immunity. Most importantly the improvement on the face will make a person develop a better self-image.

big smileThis comfort which is caused inside will cause the people to show off with a big smile. When people smile more often, it leads them to a positive spiral of impacts. For example similar to yawning when a person with self-confidence smiles at people it will lead to more people to get a positive impact.

There are endorphins which are released. This is done to improve the mood of the person. The muscle movement is used to change the temperature and also increases the levels of blood which flows to the brain. This can positive changes in the feelings and also the mood of the people. This will create a more amiable and friendlier environment. This is also a therapeutic process. The big smile on the people will also make them appear to be friendlier to other people. This indicates that people will have lesser anxiety in the future.

Hence, these are the tangible ways in which individuals who have facial surgery will be benefitted.

Advancement in dental technology: 3d printed dentures

Advancement in dental technology: 3d printed dentures

The use of 3D printing in the dental industry, and more generally in the medical field, in recent years is growing exponentially. They are no longer a novelty 3D printed prostheses, dental implants, biological structures of human tissue, surgical devices and so on. If you want to know more about new dental technologies, click here to contact us online.

In dentistry, professionals can perform oral scans and print them directly in 3D through desktop printers or 3D printing services.

3D printed dentures technology, for its part, is developing tools, such as scanners and printers, increasingly specific to the sector. 3D dental printers use a wide range of materials (metal, ceramic or meltable resins), chosen on the basis of their final application.  3D printing in the dental industry is highly successful mainly because it allows the customization of products based on individual needs.

Prosthetics and implants, which must perfectly correspond to the patient’s morphology, find their main ally in additive production. Thanks to this technology, it’s therefore possible to obtain an accurate 3D model and propose solutions that are perfectly suited to the customer.

The metal printing perfectly meets the needs of this sector because it allows in a short time the production of plants that have a very high level of customization.

Digital dentistry guarantees custom solutions in a short time. For example, if a device does not fit the patient, simply go and edit the 3D file. In fact, it’s not necessary to repeat the entire process as it happens for injection molding.

How is 3D printing changing working methods in the dental industry?  

Thanks to 3D printing it’s possible to print accurate and detailed prostheses with biocompatible materials, to realize surgical guides and orthodontic models for thermoforming.

3d printed denturesOne of the most common applications is the production of crowns.

The process, very simple and executable by the dentist himself, consists of scanning the patient’s teeth, modeling them and printing the crown directly in 3D.

Additive manufacturing also plays a central role in implant surgery. A replacement tooth can be made quickly, with greater precision and at lower costs than traditional techniques.

3D printing in the dental industry intervenes not only in the realization of devices but also in methods and processes. In fact, it’s used for the creation of work tools and plays a decisive role in increasing the production flexibility for the construction of 3D models.

Why You Should opt for a Cosmetic and Family Dentistry Center

Why You Should opt for a Cosmetic and Family Dentistry Center

The brisk and vast improvements that can be achieved through present-day cosmetic dentistry may make some patients curious regarding its potential outcome. Yet the treatment outcomes continue to amaze people and depict what can now be achievable with modern cosmetic procedures as cosmetic dentistry is a cosmetic or plastic surgery that helps people gain confidence by giving them the ideal appearance that they want.

The best place to achieve your desired results in cosmetic dentistry is a qualified cosmetic and family dentistry center, which can now treat almost tooth blemish, discoloration, or any other aesthetic that you can think of. These centers are fully licensed and use all possible modern equipment and procedures to give you the desired results.

Why Should You opt for a Cosmetic and Family Dentistry Center? 

  1. Extremely Affordable

Cosmetic dentistry in those centers are extremely affordable, and you can achieve your desired appearance by fixing all your dental flaws without breaking your bank.

  1. Improves Self-Esteem

Regular cosmetic dentistry from these centers can improve dental snags in people who are afraid and scared of social engagements, fearing humiliation. It also boasts their confidence, their self-esteem.

  1. Painless and Fast Procedures

A qualified cosmetic dentistry center uses fast and painless procedures thanks to advanced modern equipment available to them. Once completed, you can go on with your regular activities without any problems.

  1. cosmetic and family dentistryEnhances Overall Appearance

Your overall appearance may often be judged by your smile. Under the cosmetic dentistry procedure, you can opt for a teeth alignment or whitening procedure to improve your overall visual appearance. You will suddenly discover that you are more excited about parties, reunions and other social gatherings.

  1. Improves Oral Health

Cosmetic dentistry impacts your oral health in a big way by successfully treating your teeth issues and other oral health problems like tooth decay, which can be potentially life-threatening.

  1. Numerous Procedure Options

These licensed centers deploy a broad range of cosmetic dentistry procedures nowadays, and you should be able to find the best suited cosmetic dentistry method that meets your requirements.