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There’s something undeniably alluring about a guy with sharp canine teeth. It’s the kind of feature that can make a person stand out in a crowd and create a unique and captivating look. But why exactly do sharp teeth in men spark such interest and intrigue? Here, we dive into the science behind this fascinating trend.



Facts about canine teeth

The canines, or the cuspids or eye teeth, are located between the four front teeth (the incisors) and the flatter bicuspids, or premolars. We have four canines: two upper and two lower. Canines tend to be a bit darker than other teeth. When young children acquire their baby teeth, the canines are among the last to erupt.

attractive guys with canine teethThe upper canines are the longest teeth in the mouth and have the longest roots of all the teeth. The lower canines have the longest crowns, the parts of teeth that we can see above the gums.

The primary role of canines is to tear food. (Incisors are used to cut food, and bicuspids and molars grind.) Canines are part of our front teeth. Our front teeth can affect our smile and how we speak, particularly in pronouncing the “s” and “f” sounds. Our canines help anchor a nice smile.

Physical preferences in men

Prominent canine teeth, which still signify a male’s dominance and fighting ability in many primates like baboons and gorillas, may have been replaced by less aggressive teeth and looks.

Similar to those of contemporary movie stars, including Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, and Viggo Mortensen, broader faces with prominent cheekbones, were picked preferentially by females.

Researchers drew their conclusions after initially studying the facial features of chimps and gorillas. In most primates, males have much longer canines than females, a trait that often reflects which males are dominant. This difference was much less prominent in the chimps.

Sexual selection was starting to be driven by the attractiveness of a male’s face in the chimps, and this tallied with the development of broader faces with more prominent cheekbones, plus receding canines.

The Biological Basis

attractive with sharp canine teethEvolutionarily speaking, men with sharp teeth held a distinct advantage over their fangless counterparts regarding survival. Canine teeth, or “fangs,” are designed to tear flesh and help with hunting, which would have been a crucial advantage in prehistoric times. As such, women may have developed an attraction to men with sharp teeth, as it was a sign that they were skilled hunters and therefore had a better chance of providing for their offspring.

Today, this biological attraction still persists on a subconscious level. Women may be drawn to men with sharp teeth without even realizing why – their brain is simply responding to cues that indicate strength and capability.

The Cultural Connotations

Beyond the biological aspects, there are also cultural connotations associated with sharp teeth. Vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural beings often possess sharp teeth, which have become a symbol of power, danger, and sexuality in popular culture. As such, men who exhibit this trait may be seen as more mysterious and alluring than their peers.

Moreover, in some cultures, modifying or recapping teeth with sharp canines is a sign of fashion or a status symbol. The tribal people of Indonesia have a tradition of sharpening their teeth, which is seen as a rite of passage and a mark of beauty.

The Visual Impact

attractive guys with sharp canine teeth orlando bloomFinally, there’s no denying the visual impact of sharp canine teeth on a guy’s appearance. They create a unique and edgy look that can make a man stand out from the crowd. It’s a striking feature that can be both daring and captivating.

Of course, not every guy with sharp teeth is automatically attractive – overall facial structure, grooming habits, and other factors also play a significant role in appearance. Nevertheless, the presence of sharp canine teeth can add a touch of intrigue and danger to a man’s appearance, making him more appealing to some.


So there you have it – the reasons why attractive guys with sharp canine teeth are such a captivating trend. From their evolutionary roots to their cultural connotations, there are many factors that make these men stand out. And whether you find yourself drawn to this look or not, there’s no denying that it’s an attention-grabbing feature that adds an extra layer of intrigue to a man’s overall appearance.







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